TK Elevator has introduced the new EOX, an elevator with a digital core which delivers improved energy efficiency and enhanced user experiences.

While both sustainability and cutting-edge digital features have been a standard for mobility solutions for mid and high-rise buildings, EOX represents a move to bring these benefits directly to the architects, owners, and passengers of smaller residential buildings, which are essential to the continually expanding urban landscape.

Powered by cloud infrastructure from Microsoft as well as high-performance accelerated computing from NVIDIA, EOX has the built-in capability to evolve with customer needs. All the components needed for digital expansion are already included from day one, minimizing on-site visits required for future enhancements. Meanwhile, similar to shared bicycles and electric scooters, passengers can already connect to EOX with their mobile device to call on the next available cabin, enjoy dynamic content on an in-built multimedia screen in the cabin, and benefit from improved uptime as a result of smart maintenance features.

"For TK Elevator, EOX represents a shift in the value we bring to our customers – delivering the rich promise of sustainability and digitalization to the most essential elevators”, says Inge Delobelle, CEO of TK Elevator in Europe, and Africa. “Given the increasing need for sustainable solutions in every area of urbanization, EOX stands to make a big contribution to residential buildings which constitute the large majority of urban structures."

EOX features low-consumption belt traction technology, optimized energy-saving features such as an eco-mode which learns and adjusts to traffic patterns, and a regenerative drive that feeds energy back into the building. Its lighter weight contributes toward a lower carbon footprint, and less fuel required for transport to client sites will result in an over 10% reduction in CO2 emissions on average. In addition, it will require up to 28% less energy to move the elevator in the shaft.