Sontay has partnered with the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) to become an official training partner. From March 2016, Sontay will be holding a number of BCIA courses at its training facility in Edenbridge, Kent, and can award attendees with a BCIA Diploma.

The BCIA represents companies that manufacture, install and maintain building controls and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). It offers seven levels of training (BC0-BC6) starting with an introduction to building controls and going right through to the control of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology. Sontay is offering courses BC0 to BC5, which will be run by a BCIA trainer with course material provided by the association.

“We are thrilled to be an official training partner for the BCIA,” commented Sandy Damm, managing director at Sontay. “Sontay has always placed a high importance on training and we have an excellent training programme in our Sontay Academy. Launched in 2014, the Academy offers a wide variety of courses and can contribute to CPD activity through the Wireless, Water & Heat Metering and Smart Communication courses. Partnering with the BCIA is proof of our commitment to training and we are looking forward to a bright working relationship.”

Karen Fletcher, BCIA Executive Officer, says, “It is fantastic to have Sontay join with the BCIA to become a training partner. We believe that education and training are vital for a successful and thriving industry. Sontay is a well-known brand within the industry and can help the BCIA push this message to a wider audience.”