True Occupancy has engaged the consultancy services of Simon Carter of Anticus Consulting. Simon will work with the True Occupancy team to bring their occupancy analytics solution for smart buildings to the rapidly growing UK and US markets.

As the former head of corporate property at National Grid, Simon was the mastermind and driving force behind their Smart Work Space initiative. Thinking ahead of his time, Simon wanted a solution that could accurately measure building occupancy and enable National Grid to improve their building utilization, make operational efficiencies and improve employee productivity and collaboration.

Unable to find an existing solution to meet these requirements, Simon approached Irisys, a world leader in retail people counting technology. Using anonymous data from their passive and unobtrusive sensors, Irisys developed an occupancy analytics solution that would later become known as True Occupancy. The National Grid project was a huge success; rolled out across 14 sites, they were able to make annual savings of £8million.

Tim Wheatley, CTO of Irisys, the occupancy sensor manufacturer behind True Occupancy, said “We are extremely pleased to be working Simon again. He is a true visionary who saw the possibilities and potential of occupancy analytics, before ourselves and the rest of the market.”
On Simon’s extensive experience, Tim said “Having successfully implemented a large scale smart building project, Simon is in the unique position of understanding not only the hard technical aspects of such a project, but also the softer and arguably more difficult aspects such as change management.”

Commenting, Simon said “I am very excited to be part of the True Occupancy team. Irisys have a great solution that I feel really meets the needs of the smart building market.”