Turntide Technologies has launched a new smart building solution in the UK, which is being adopted by major retailer Wilko.

‘Turntide for Buildings’ is a full-stack intelligent building solution, which combines Turntide’s Smart Motor System™ with automation software, connected edge equipment to improve energy efficiency and streamline building operations while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The solution is ideal for commercial and industrial facilities such as banking, retail, convenience stores, restaurants, grocery, education, and warehouse facilities. Wilko is incorporating automation and energy efficiency into its strategy for achieving sustainable operations across its business and is installing ‘Turntide for Buildings’ within its estate of 400 UK stores.

It gives businesses such as Wilko the visibility they need to control and maintain systems like HVAC and lighting, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.

Collecting data from an ecosystem of connected equipment, including the Smart Motor System and edge equipment, such as smart thermostats, IAQ sensors, and gateway devices, ‘Turntide for Buildings’ provides a dashboard of cloud insights and control capabilities that enables more efficient oversight and management across a portfolio of locations.

US-based Turntide Technologies is growing its presence in the UK with low carbon and sustainable technology developments in the transport and built environment sectors.

Having has already invested £100m in the UK to produce systems that provide full electrification capabilities to the most critical industrial and commercial vehicles to help meet global net-zero targets, it is strengthening its position in the British market with the introduction of this new, technology-led, building energy management innovation.

Brad Surak, chief product officer of Turntide, said: “We’re very proud to be partnering with Wilko to help address its energy efficiency through the application of Turntide for Buildings. Our solution offers businesses a tangible way to approach sustainability, so it delivers strategic value across the organisation, but also has a positive impact on the bottom line.”

“It will also help businesses rethink the term ‘sustainability’. Until now, ‘sustainability’ may have just meant reducing environmental impact, but in 2021, it includes survival and growth for businesses - positively impacting everything from profitability to brand value to employee satisfaction. It means using fewer resources while improving operations.”

James Dorling, group property & estates director, Wilko, said: “We recognise that climate change represents a significant global environmental threat. Wilko has a part to play in positively impacting climate change by reducing our carbon emissions, through the use of renewable energy and being energy efficient.”

“It helps keep our costs down, gives better value to our customers, and plays a part in reducing environmental impact. More than ever, we’re taking steps to become more sustainable by using technologies like Turntide to realise energy savings, and in doing so, joining the fight against climate change.”