Sharmans has launched an ultrasonic gutter monitoring technology and drainage management system to help prevent the costly damage caused by roof leaks.

RoofCare is a new easy-to-install system which analyses drainage performance and generates alerts to highlight capacity issues. The system also helps the planning of evidence-based gutter and roof fabric maintenance programmes.

According to the Association of British Insurers in 2019, around 100,000 commercial buildings in the UK suffer roof leaks every year creating an annual cost to businesses of more than £800m.

RoofCare’s innovative detector system provides early warning of imminent water ingression and alerts maintenance teams to potentially take action.

The software predicts the need for gutter cleans and helps to ensure that cleaning takes place at the right time.

Users of the system can view the performance of any of their roofs, utilising RoofCare on mobile devices or desktop computers 24 hours a day.

RoofCare’s Andrea Holbrook said: “Whether building owners or facilities managers employ a planned predictive maintenance regime or reactive strategy, our RoofCare system significantly enhances either approach.

“Our revolutionary system follows a four-stage process – analyse, diagnose, alert and plan – which provides protection across an entire roof portfolio and enables quick and easy monitoring.”