Union has announced the launch of its brand new service, ‘ONE’.

Union specialises in the seamless design and installation of smart technologies into both residential and commercial developments. It was through working closely with their clients and seeing the problems that developers were encountering when implementing smart technology into their buildings, that Union developed the unique concept of ‘ONE’ - a single solution for all smart technology requirements.
Today’s property buyers are tech savvy and many expect smart technology and automated services to be part of a buildings standard infrastructure. The leading property developers across the UK are aware of these expectations and are working with smart technology companies to provide these benefits to their buyers.
However, until now the process of including these technologies in a large build was painful and disjointed, with developers having multiple contractors delivering different automated systems like (Lighting, AV, HVAC etc) in addition to the other companies managing the design and specifications of those services. These contractors would then work in silo and to their own deadlines instead of in conjunction with the other aspects of the build. Once the build was complete there was then further fragmentation as the support and aftercare for each of those systems was managed by the individual contractors, creating confusion and the common issues of one contractor blaming the other for a particular fault. The company says that put simply, smart building integration has been anything but smart.
Union’s ‘ONE’ service brings all these services together under one roof with one point of contact, providing the smart home & building industry with a simple and painless solution to smart technology integration that’s as easy as making one phone call. (01473 276112).