Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation has highlighted its support for the European heat pump industry by sponsoring the European Heat Pump Association’s (EHPA) heat pump tour from Düsseldorf in Germany to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow.

Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation hosted one of the legs of the tour at its Innovation Studio in Shoreditch, London on Monday 8th November. During the event, it ran a demonstration of its heat pump solutions on a virtual reality headset and in conjunction with the EHPA, discussed how heat pumps work; the benefits of the technology for new build and building renovations, and its future as part of household energy systems.

This event follows hard on the heels of the UK Government’s recent decision to offer UK households grants worth £5,000 to install heat pumps. The moves form part of the Government’s heat and buildings strategy and wider plans to cut UK climate emissions to net zero by 2050.

In the UK, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation is currently focusing on two products: the Zeroth Energy System, an advanced communal ambient loop solution using in-apartment heat pumps to provide building services to residential apartments, (typically high-rise) and the Edel Hot Water Heat Pump, which comes in two sizes, 200 litres (200L) and 270 litres (270L), and is addressing domestic hot water demand.

Martin Betz, technical director, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation said: “We are focused on developing easy-to-install heat pumps. By making our products quicker and easier to install we make them more accessible. That’s key as there is no house in Europe, which you can’t heat effectively with a heat pump: as long as you get the installation right.”

EHPA Secretary General, Thomas Nowak, said: “We are delighted that Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation has chosen to support our tour to showcase the value of heat pumps. Heat pumps are a key enabler for the decarbonisation of buildings and industrial processes.”

“The technology is reliable and mature and is already deployed in quantities. Solutions are ready for all new and renovated buildings. We are confidently looking forward to a more sustainable future, where the majority of buildings in Europe are run off heat pumps rather than oil and gas.”