As our understanding of the future continues to change constantly, employers and companies must be ready for all situations. COVID has changed the way we work dramatically. With current discourse leaning towards a partial WFH and office mix in the post-COVID era, many companies are having to think about their office spaces. At Sauter UK, the company is lucky to work with many forward-thinking people. Even before COVID the technical team has been working on building the workplace of the future. Andy Gallogly, one of Sauter’s engineers, is one of them. 

Over the last year, Andy has been developing our Sauter SmartVision app. The app, which is available now, began ideation when Andy noticed a potential issue on a project. By utilising existing technologies such as MQTT and QR codes, SmartVision gives you the ability to control all environments. It can be used to monitor room occupancy, heating and ventilation and air quality control. The app can be used anywhere in the world to remotely control office, hotel and residential systems. Not only will this allow the building manager to effortlessly control and manage his building. But it allows for a more seamless relationship between the manager and the occupier. We are connecting the two parties by creating these solutions. 

The SmartVision app really encompasses our idea of the workplace of the future, to have a building that can adapt at a moment's notice to external factors means not only increased efficiency and control but also an increase in cost efficiency.

With Andy already working away at the second version of SmartVision, which allows for room climate feedback. We know this app will change the way we create, connect and control our systems, the building, and the occupier.