A poor indoor mobile signal often leads to dropped calls, unreliable connectivity and poor data speeds all of which can result in visitors, staff and tenants becoming frustrated, unproductive and searching for better connected spaces.

Ironically, it is our desire to create better and more efficiently designed spaces that indirectly contributes to poor indoor mobile signal quality as modern building materials serve to shield occupants from external elements penetrating the building, including mobile network coverage.

As buildings get smarter however, they will rely more and more on a seamless mobile signal to enable access to the full range of benefits that future evolutions of technology (such as 5G) will undoubtedly provide.

WIG works to ensure that buildings have the best indoor mobile signal. We partner with owners and tenants to identify mobile signal issues and then design, deploy and manage solutions to solve them. We dramatically improve the mobile experience both for occupants and owners and our approach places buildings on the right technology trajectory.

We are delighted to be attending the Smart Building Show 2019 where our senior team will be on hand to discuss some of the real challenges that owners, occupiers, guests and visitors have experienced when faced with poor indoor mobile signal, and how we helped to solve them.

"The whole team here at WIG are really excited to be attending the Smart Building Show,’ says COO Craig Birchenough. ‘It’s a great opportunity to meet an engaged and informed community, and to discuss how poor indoor mobile signal can impact workplace productivity, revenues and asset value. We have all experienced issues with indoor mobile signal at some point," Craig continues, "but not everyone is aware of how to solve it – we have the solutions that can."

Click here to register for your free ticket to the Smart Buildings Show, and please contact the WIG team directly on indoorsales@wirelessinfrastructure.co.uk if you’d like to know how to get your building connected.