WiZ Pro is a powerful combination of hardware and software solutions dedicated to residential and commercial lighting. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, thousands of luminaires within a building can be networked. The addition of Bluetooth technology in all products, which can communicate with accessories and beaconing capability, allows users to embrace the real challenges of enterprise lighting.

The WiZ Pro range is a combination of a new series of lamps with Professional grade CRI (up to 95) and new retro-connectors that make it possible to change legacy light points into integrated parts of the WiZ ecosystem, whether fluorescent, halogen or LED.
On top of that, new Pro features enrich the software, allowing business managers to properly monitor energy consumption, organise preventive maintenance and receive custom information thanks to WiZ’s big data and analytics capabilities.
“With the WiZ Pro range, we can connect nearly every legacy light deployment together with our WiZ products and any WiZ OEM partner product, bridging the past, the present and the future,” says Jerome Leroy, Co-Founder of WiZ. “Our cloud-based solution brings both the scalability and the interoperability to other IoT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions. Our many ongoing partnerships with top commercial lighting vendors position us as a relevant contender in this market segment.”
The WiZ Pro software platform answers the many needs of building management while keeping a light IT infrastructure: controlling in multiple rooms and floors the use of hundreds of WiFi connections, the use of programmed lights and the management of the associated Bluetooth low energy devices becomes extremely easy. Preventive maintenance alerts and action lists ensures high-quality management of the lighting elements.
“Our WiZ Pro platform provides raw data collection and extraction links for data management systems catering to vertical market segments such as hospitality, retail and offices. Linking motion sensors and Bluetooth beacons with existing floor plans helps to record heat maps for business analytics. The potential of our platform from a software and hardware standpoint is impressive. We are very excited to enrich the WiZ ecosystems with commercial lighting partners to build up innovative solutions for professionals,” concludes Jerome.