Engineering and professional services consultancy WSP has launched a new global website that explains the ins and outs of applying the smart concept to properties and buildings.

Split into four questions of what, why, how and who, the website aims to draw together all the facets of Smart buildings and the tangible benefits that applying this thinking into designing and engineering can bring to those using them.

Matthew Marson, head of smart places at WSP explains, “Smart is a difficult concept to articulate and means so many things to so many different people.

“We believe that this website is unique in setting out to simplify Smart while also portraying it as a serious proposition for new building projects and developments.

“We have presented Smart in four ways asking what a smart building looks like and explaining how intelligent design, data and systems are harnessed to create ‘actionable intelligence’. Why Smart building can bring benefits in terms of increased revenues, reduced costs and preparedness for the future. How a Smart building can be created using a step-by-step guide. And finally Who are the people delivering Smart Buildings which includes podcasts and articles from our team of experts.”

WSP’s ‘Smart Thinking’ podcast is presented by Matt Marson and delivers a series of talks on what smart buildings are and how Smart will revolutionise the industry. Since inception, discussions have been had with the Smart Buildings Leader from IBM, an ethicist from the University of Cambridge as well as the head of smart cities at Siemens.