XY Sense has announced a distribution agreement with Anders + Kern across the United Kingdom.

XY Sense is an Australian-head quartered proptech startup (co-founded by Serraview Co-Founder, Alex Birch and Luke Murray) that has designed and engineered a world-leading smart sensor platform to help businesses access and act on office space utilisation data in real-time.

The XY Sense platform consists of proprietary computer vision sensor hardware and an AI powered analytics platform where property teams can monitor workspace utilisation in real-time as well as customise dashboards on things like meeting room occupancy, desk utilisation on a given floor and how teams are physically interacting with the office environment.

The sensor captures data passively without employees needing to carry a tag or connect to a network. The solution is also private-by-design with the sensor only capturing XY coordinates of people in a given space to protect both privacy and organisational data security.

It claims to have the largest floor coverage (95sqm) and positional accuracy (<30cm /1ft) of any computer vision or thermal sensor on the market, XY Sense requires, on average, 50% fewer sensors for complete floor coverage when compared with other options available on the market. The sensors capture data every 2 seconds, offering real-time utilisation analytics with live views of floorplans available for platform subscribers.

Leveraging this real-time capability, XY Sense has also recently announced an API integration with booking automation and visitor management platform Space Connect. This integration will allow joint users to close-the-loop on space booking in agile work environments with XY Sense sensors able to detect whether a booked room, desk or space is actually being used within a given time period. Unused space can be recorded as a no-show and updated via Space Connect to be made available for others to book and use, making offices more efficient and improving experiences for workers.

The integration also supports COVID-safe office re-entries with XY Sense’s real-time monitoring and social distancing alerts able to be configured with Space Connect’s booking features to support new office occupancy limits and safely match supply and demand as people return to offices. For instance, sending an alert when an un-bookable space within 1.5m of another employee is utilised for more than 5 minutes or triggering a request to take a desk or meeting room which has been utilised ‘offline’ for future bookings until it has been cleaned/sanitised.