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Smart Buildings Show 2021, 6-7 October 2021, ExCeL

Schneider Electric, Stand A30 & Platinum Sponsor

The buildings we enjoy and rely on have one thing in common – they all use energy. In fact, buildings consume around 30% of the world’s energy via their construction and operations and account for almost 40% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.

The construction of new buildings is extremely carbon intensive, yet 80% of the buildings standing in 2050 will have already been built today. The future retrofitting and adaption of our existing buildings has the greatest scope for decarbonising the UK building stock.

Buildings encompass a variety of systems that work behind the scenes, from the general electricity we use to the heating, ventilation, and cooling of our rooms. Yet, in many buildings, energy is still wasted on actions like lighting, cooling, or heating unoccupied areas. Fortunately, we can target this wasted energy without impacting the function of the building or the satisfaction of its occupants, with smart, connected building technology.

We can connect, collect, and monitor data from our buildings and their system components remotely. In doing so, we can use smart analytics to identify inefficiencies or issues with their operations. Not only can this insight help to reduce our carbon emissions, but also to increase the building resiliency by protecting their critical assets and avoid operational losses through unplanned downtime.

Furthermore, occupancy and environmental sensors can inform the way we use spaces. We can analyse usage patterns, which can lead to the improved use of a building with safer and more efficient layouts. Meanwhile, they can ensure comfortable and healthy conditions, and that buildings are well ventilated. With the right approach, digital technologies can meet the needs of the planet and people. Intelligent digital systems in buildings do both.

To find out more please come and talk to us on stand A30

DALI Alliance, Stand E36 & Platinum Sponsor

Digital lighting control for intelligent, user-friendly, connected buildings

Modern lighting-control systems provide a broad range of benefits that extend far beyond reduced energy consumption. As the world’s only dedicated lighting-control protocol based on open standards, DALI enables connected, intelligent lighting systems with a host of attractive features for smart buildings.

Two-way communication and data exchange between lighting devices is a key DALI attribute. Beyond this, DALI systems can provide access to a valuable set of data for real-time performance monitoring, diagnostics, energy metering and many other applications.

Standardized DALI-2 colour control and dimming, combined with occupancy and light-level sensors, can boost the productivity and wellbeing of occupants in smart buildings. Meanwhile, DALI-2 enables safety-critical emergency lighting to operate on the same network as illumination.

Also, DALI is evolving to encompass both wired and wireless connectivity. DALI+ combines DALI lighting control with wireless and IP-based networking, enabling true wireless DALI as well as connection through other IP-based physical layers, allowing for highly scalable systems.

The DALI Alliance has also published new specifications for standardized Wireless to DALI Gateways, opening the door to greater choice and freedom for lighting specifiers, especially for IoT-based projects. Gateways allow existing DALI wired products to be used in non-DALI wireless ecosystems, either Bluetooth mesh or Zigbee.

Interoperable products that comply with international standards – and are certified accordingly by organizations such as the DALI Alliance – can alleviate supply-chain concerns and provide essential future-proofing.

The DALI Alliance (also known as the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance or DiiA) is an open, global consortium of lighting companies that drives the growth of DALI lighting-control solutions.

Please visit us at booth E36 at the Smart Buildings Show. Speakers including Paul Drosihn (13:45 on Wednesday) and Alan Jackson (12:15 on Thursday) will explain more about the benefits of DALI in smart buildings.

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